This amazing product line came out in 2019. The launch of this revolutionary CBD based skin care system happened at the 2019 THRIVEPALOOZA in Fort Worth, Texas. This was an amazing time to witness as 25,000 promoters male and female all got to try this product before release to the general public.

This skin care system is so amazing. It starts off with the Peel. This is a clear gel that has an active enzyme that will peel away the dead skin. The enzyme in it will help form skin balls that are the dead skin. This looks gross, but once the peel absorbs and you wash the skin balls off, you will be amazed at the difference in the way your skin is starting to look.

The next big part of this product line is the Reduce. Reduce is like a serum. This will help rejuvenate the skin after the application of the peel. This product will help reduce the fine lines and wrinkles that many of us struggle with. Even as a guy I have noticed that this product will make me look years younger.

The last part of this system is the Restore. This is a moisturizer. This moisturizer is so soft and non-oily. It will help your skin feel moist and give your skin a natural glow that you never thought would be good.

My wife and I were able to take part in this sampling at the 2019 THRIVEPALOOZA. We were immediately amazed at how well this worked. For guys the biggest fear was that it would have a girly smell. Being a company that was founded by 2 guys, they hit it out of the ballpark with a product that is a very gender neutral smell that will leave everyone loving the product.

I was very happy when they added the active charcoal mask to the skin lineup. This mask is a product that is nothing like the “Cry and Scream” charcoal masks that we watch on YouTube and other social media. This mask is a cream that will go on a really dark grey. When it dries it makes you look like you are wearing camouflage on your face. This mask will tighten as it dries, but when you are ready to take it off, you will wash it off with warm water.

They also launched am active charcoal soap. Now this soap may not look appealing as it is black in color. This soap has a nice citrus smell. This soap is unlike anything I have ever used from the store. It won’t get soft and mushy like they do. I also make sure that this soap is put away in a dish away from the water when I am rinsing off. It may cost more, but the quality of this is better than anything I have ever used before.

They also have added in a hand and foot reparative cream. This helps so much in the hands and feet. I have noticed that this product will keep my hands from being too rough. My feet often get really bad dry skin on them and this has helped so much. I am so happy to have a product like this to help me keep my feet and hands healthier after I tear them up at work.

The final skin product that I want to mention is the Peptide Gel. This gel is amazing. It comes in a package like the applesauce for little kids. You rip it open and squirt the gel in your mouth. It is a lemonade flavor. I think it taste very good, but the results from this are beyond anything I have seen. My kids, wife, and I all have had our fair share of this product. What makes it amazing is that it will help your nails and hair grow better. They will be stronger and grow a little faster.

Well I hope you enjoyed this review of the SKIN line from THRIVE. Go to http://Jeffsfreethrive.thrive123.com for more information and to sign up for a free account. The free account is just that. The only time a credit card is required is at the time of purchase. I would love to answer your questions so please comment so I can reach out. You can also go to http://jeffsfreethrive.le-vel.com for more videos and information. There is still a link to create an account there as well.

What can a detox do?

Detox means detoxifying. This applies to our gut health. When we detox, we are putting in good things to force the crap literally out of us.

Using a good detox product is important. When we detox we are taking things that were building up in our GI tract. If we store too many things in our GI tract we ultimately are poisoning our bodies slowly.

Take our cars for an example. Every so many miles we have to change the oil. This applies also to us. Every so often we have to flush the gunky oil out of us. If we fail to do that things will not operate as well.

LE-VEL introduced this weekend our new detox. This will be the flush of your system for 10 days. What you will feel is not up for my speculation, but what you get in return will be a healthy gut that will absorb nutrition faster.

Go to https://jeffsfreethrive.thrive123.com to look at products and also sign up for your free account.

Las vegas getaway product reveals

Tonight at the Las Vegas Lifestyle Getaway, Le-Vel announced that there are many new products coming. YAY!!!! THIS IS GOING TO BE AMAZING

So tonight the products that were revealed are the detox. This product will be a morning and evening product. This will be a 10 day detox that will require you to change some of your daily routine.


Some of the new products coming out will be for our step 2 shakes. These new flavors will make you feel like your having a snack while also bettering your health.

  • Salted caramel (released tonight 10/22/2021)
  • Fudge brownie (coming in november)
  • Snickerdoodle (coming in december)

These flavors of shakes will be added to the current list of shakes:

  • Strawberry
  • Chocolate
  • Vanilla
  • Candy cane
  • Apple pie
  • Pumpkin spice

Also they mentioned new collagen products and other liquid products coming.


On friday October 22nd Le-Vel will release a new detox that will enhance the bodies ability to absorb nutrition after the detox is done. You will be taking the detox in the morning and at night for 10 days. All this time all Thrive products will have to be stopped in order for the body to detox properly.

If you want to learn more please comment or contact me through the info on my about me page.

Go to http://jeffsfreethrive.thrive123.com to learn more and to create your free account prior to this launch.

New product on the way

I mentioned in a previous post about THRIVE THIRST. The product is meant to help you stay hydrated and keep your water intake up.

THIRST is getting a new flavor added. Before it was just grape flavor. Now we are getting ready for a cucumber 🥒 and cantaloupe flavor. This will be an interesting new flavor and I encourage you all to join my site and order this when its available.


White label to my rescue

Today i am sporting a white label. We are at church and then spending time with my in-laws (not that its a bad thing). Let me tell you quick what this amazing product by @le_velofficial does for me. 1. Mood support 2. Increases my energy that is being drained because of medical reasons. 3. Helps manage my appetite. (Handy when working in food service) 4. Keeps me being the best version of myself. Do not wait to be a part of something great. This is top tier ingredients in an easy to use product. Dm me for info or go to the links in my bio https://www.instagram.com/p/CTcbxfcMd8X/?utm_medium=share_sheet


Many people want to try before they buy. That is why I offer samples or even Le-Vel has now made it so you can sample so much easier.

The samples that I offer are just meant to help you figure out if you can taste the product or will enjoy the 3 steps. The samples are not meant for you to get the full effect, but you still may experience changes.

Every sample sent is a 3 day trial. All I ask is that you go the website to create a free account. This is just to show me you are not working with another promoter.

Go to http://jeffsfreethrive.thrive123.com for the account sign-up. Go to https://jeffsfreethrive.thrivesample.com. Both are easy to do and will notify me of your request.



In one of my recent post I mentioned that SPT is coming. This new technology is going to be a game changer for the nutritional market. SEQUENTIAL POWDER TECHNOLOGY is the powder that will change how we forever take our vitamins in a fun and easy way.

Le-Vel has been the new standard that many companies are trying to duplicate. Everyone wants to be them because they have been the fastest growing brand in North America and are expanding globally in a way that will be good for the company.

In July we had the first of the SPT line come out. This was called THRIVE CHILL. This formula was created for those of us that have too much going on in our lives and we sometimes need to just relax and chill. This formula came out in a Mint Flavor and is one that you can take multiple times a day. When your kids get too be too much or you just feel more stressed you take the SPLENDA sized packed and dump it all in your mouth like your favorite pixie stick like you did as a kid. The powder will absorb into your bloodstream within a few minutes because the powder will dissolve almost instantaneously.

The second formula THRIVE HEAT just came out on August 12,2021. This thermogenesis product is blowing up the reviews and helping everyone. This formula is recommended to be used in conjunction with the 3 steps of THRIVE’s core system (capsules, shake, DFT). This product unlike CHILL is not meant to be used more than once a day. You will want to take it in mid-afternoon to help boost your metabolism to get you through the rest of your day.

I mentioned that HEAT is a thermogenesis product. What is this anyway. What thermogenesis is your body heating up a few extra degrees to help burn extra body fat. You will sometimes experience maybe a mild hot flash. You may even feel warmer than normal when exercising. It is just your body doing what it needs to do to help you lose those love handles. I personally love the feeling of that heat kicking in through the BURN DFT or the new THRIVE HEAT.

Spt is coming

When we were at thrivepalooza in may we were introduced to a new nutritional delivery system called SPT (SEQUENTIAL POWDER TECHNOLOGY). This technology is a first of its kind. It is meant to be orally taken and will absorb into your bloodstream quicker.

The key to this new product is that one of the new formulas is to help with boosting metabolism. The other is to help with calming.

I am so excited to see these new products to come out. I would love for everyone to be ready for these as well. Go to my My website to request a sample.

Thriving through my daughters 15th b-day

This weekend my daughter celebrated her 15th birthday. It has been stressful to say the least. This is because i had to travel to get friends. In the process we blew a tire on the van.

While changing the tire my son shifted weight causing the van to fall off the jack. Luckily no one was where they may get hurt. We finally got the van lifted and tire fully changed.

We also had to organize meals for a group of teens. This is not easy as some kids are fussy. We survived this. Feeding teens and adults is not cheap or easy.

The following day we had a swimming party at our local pool. This was the easier portion of the weekend. This is because we could let the kids do their own thing.

Thus weekend is proof of how well thrive helps me with stress and helps me regulate my mood. When you have friends with attitudes and other things going on it can cause someone to want to lash out with harsh words.

Family photo of my family and sister-in-law with her girls. This was very special to us all.

If you are interested in knowing more about these products go to https://jeffsfreethrive.thrive123.com or https://jeffsfreethrive.thrivesample.com